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Let us help you to realize your dream.   We welcome you to a majestic and serene valley away from the noise and clamor of your busy everyday life. Get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life and trade it for the murmur of a rushing river, the soothing touch of the sun on your shoulders while you indulge in your favorite daytime activity, and the warmth of a peaceful evening campfire.

Take in the sights and sounds, watch the most gorgeous sunsets in the world while sitting around a glowing campfire with family and friends, listening to the distant coyotes call to each other, pheasants crowing to proclaim their territory and turkey gobblers talking to their harems.  Trade the city lights for the stars. Watch the moon rise over the trees and listen to the owls hoot as they go about their nightly rounds.  Locate the North Star, Big and Little Dipper and other constellations in the magnificent sky overhead. If you’re lucky you can see lightning in the south and the dancing Northern Lights in the north. Wake up to a beautiful sunrise and the calls of the prairie songbirds. Stand on Stone Butte and look over the trails and campsites that were used by a military expedition, commanded by General Alfred Sully in 1864, a wagon train on their way to the Montana gold fields, led by Captain James L. Fiske in 1864 and a military exploration to the Black Hills under the command of General George Armstrong Custer in 1874.  While atop the Stone Butte and gazing south towards Medicine Rock (the sacred rock mentioned in the Lewis & Clack journals, Feb. 21, 1806), understand why the Indians picked this valley to talk to the Great Spirit and ask for guidance.

All of this is a backdrop for cozy cabins set in the rolling hills. Near the cabins is a modern shower house and restrooms. There are teepees for the adventurous camper, RV hook-ups and tent sites. The Stone Butte Ranch is a working cattle ranch on the prairies of central North Dakota. The cabins are open for recreation during all four seasons (air-conditioning in the hot summer and comfortable electrical radiant heating in the cold winter) with activities geared to the appropriate season. Activities include; nature walks, history tours, native plant identification, Geocaching, and birding. The area makes photography a joy. Take trail rides on your horse, corrals are available. Fish, swim and canoe in the Cannonball River. Hunting is available in season and target shooting is as near as the gun range. Winter sports include snowmobiling, snowboarding, sledding, skating, and ice fishing. Cabin sites are ten minutes away from Elgin, a friendly town with dining facilities, grocery store, hardware store, medical facilities, a nine-hole gulf course and just about anything you could need.  Also in the area are several museums, historical sites (Bismarck-Deadwood Stage Stop, Stone Church, and Medicine Rock.), and two lakes (Lake Tschida on the Heart River and Sheep Creek Dam on the Cannonball River).

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Stone Butte Ranch
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